Friday, October 21, 2016

Seven Thoughts On Raising 7 Children!

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Seven Thoughts
On Having 7 Children!

Life has been incredibly busy these past few weeks...

In case you missed the announcement on my Instagram, Jeriah Luke
has arrived!!!

That takes our kid count up to seven now...

And boy, oh boy, what an adventure it's been :)


The other day I started jotting down notes to myself.

I've been battling incredible fatigue since
having this baby, but I find writing and sharing
very cathartic.

So, without further adieu, here are my thoughts on life
since having our seventh child...

1) I am never bored.

I slightly recall that feeling of boredom one
experiences when you don't have anything fairly interesting to do..

It still creeps in from time to time from the pure monotony of
the day to day life of a "SAHM", but otherwise, boredom has been cured!

(in other words, if you're bored...get married & have some kiddos! ;) )

2) I appreciate sleep and quiet as treats
that I used to take for granted.

Sleep used to come in huge buckets as a young person
without kiddos (many moons ago).

Now, I'm lucky to piece together a few chunks of it a night...

I savor sleep when I get it, and quiet is a sign everyone is either
sleeping (but me), or has disappeared for the eve...

3) I am learning "on the job" all the time.

I learn from homeschooling my kids for sure, but mothers can learn from 
simply being a parent.

Children teach us much; do we as parents want to listen to what they're teaching us?

Listen to them.
Hear them out.

Children have a unique (and often seemingly innocent) way of looking at life.

4) I love children.

I've always loved being around children.

Working with them in kids' church. Volunteering with them.
Having my own day care. Etc. Etc.

Being with children at home 24/7, I realize children have an
amazingly infectious joyful disposition.

They're incredible blessings to be around. (yes, even on "those" days that
we all have...okay, so for real on some days you want to sell them on Ebay, but those
days are usually far & few between!)

5) But I miss (sometimes) adult conversations.

Okay, true confession.

Facebook and Twitter are not sufficient in this area...

I do often miss when I used to freely converse with people
my own age on a regular basis...probably the main draw back
of raising my brood.

6) Kids are the future I'm investing in.

Hey, I'm an imperfect mother raising imperfect kids.
I struggle to get it and keep it "all together" on most days...

Yet, I realize that this "job" of mothering is incredibly important
and eternal in value...

I thank Jesus that He's so gracious & patient with me.

7) There is NOTHING I've ever done that is as
rewarding, interesting, adventurous or as 
challenging as raising kids!!!

NOTHING in my life has been as interesting...
nothing so adventurous, and 
for SURE, nothing as CHALLENGING as raising children!

But I love my family. Each and every one of them.

I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Question on the blog: 
what are some of your recent thoughts
on raising children?




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