Monday, November 14, 2016

The "Official" Welcome To Jeriah Luke

Welcome to my blog today.
I hope you enjoy your time here.

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The "Offical" Welcome
Jeriah Luke

You may have wondered why this blog has been quieter lately??

Well, the baby is here & thriving!!!

If you don't know the backstory, you can find it here.


It had been a crazy busy pregnancy.

Even though the days seemed long,
looking back, it really did go by quickly (in hindsight only! Ha!)

This pregnancy had a few surprises as well:

Extra ultrasounds for a fibroid & fairly large cyst.

A fast growing baby
(measured 8 lbs. 12 ozs. by 36 weeks!!)

So, in the end, we decided to induce at
38 weeks & 3 days.


Labour Story In Brief

We arrived at the set date for induction, bags packed
& ready to go.

Not sure what to expect, as the last two inductions were
polar opposites of each other (#5 was long & very hard at 18 hours; #6
was shorter & more intense at around 6 hours).

I finally got hooked up to the drip around 9:45 a.m.

The contractions started to pick up in their intensity
by lunch time, so I mulled it over (albeit briefly!!)
and decided that with the factor of baby's LARGE size in the mix, let's go
for an epidural PLEASE & THANK YOU!!

The epidural took four attempts and two doctors (ooy!)...I
was in tears by the end of it (like bee stings...just kept
telling myself soon I won't feel any of this!)

Finally, when it 'took', I was so frozen that I was ready to "nap"...

I rested for a bit, when my midwife "interrupted" me.

How dare she?! (wink, wink)

She was only letting
me know that the readings were showing that baby
was ready to be pushed out.

I sorta argued with her (I mean who doesn't like their rest?! Lol..)
and then she reminded me why we were all there ;)

Not long after that, I did some moving around to help baby turn around,
and within a short time it was only a few quick pushes, and he arrived!


We knew he was large just by looking at him, but he
wasn't chubby or overly "huge" looking to me.

Finally, we weighed him.
What a surprise when the scale registered him in at 10 pounds & 3 ounces!!

I was shocked...well, sorta.

The pain I had been in for the last number of months
indicated he might be a beastly size.

He was quieter than some of my other babies, but alert.

Feeding went well right from the get go (thankfully!).

Very dark blue eyes, so we're still
not sure if they'll change to brown or hazel
(both of us have siblings with darker eyes).

I then got settled into the hospital and thus began our journey into
parenthood with our brood of seven....


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