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5 Tips For SAVING MONEY At Christmas Time!

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Christmas time is when our budgets are already

under so much pressure!

Usually, year end, there are extra bills, and

with all the shopping for kids, parents, in-laws,

teachers, spouse, friends, bosses, work parties, you name it...

It can really add up!


5 Tips To Save Money
At Christmas Time

1) Simplify Things.

The biggest money saver is to
stop trying to buy it all and do it can't anyway!

As a family of nine now, I find that Christmas time
is super busy no matter what, however, there are ways
we can streamline our lives.

Here are two examples:

Keep your shopping list simple & limit who you buy for.
Focus on relationship building get-togethers over gift-giving.

Why complicate the holidays with uber long gift lists & trying
to buy for everyone you know??

Have people over. Go to the parties.
Host the dinner(s).

BUT, at every occasion, try to keep it as simple as possible.

I.e. potluck style OR appetizers instead of a huge elaborate feast!

2) Plan Ahead of Time.

Last minute shopping typically puts you under the gun,
and makes the entire experience altogether stressful.

& MORE stress = more likely to spend more!

I've done it the stressed out way, and let me tell you,
planning ANY shopping excursion out beforehand
can save your dollars and sanity.

Try mapping out your total purchases needed (via a list) & then
plan where you'll peruse.

I try to shop for my major purchases online while still searching out the bargains.

I also like to have things like candy boxes, chocolates, teas,
spices, etc. on hand for teachers, last minute hostess gifts,
or a gift prize game (love those at our ladies' small group party!!)

Sites like Groupon, WagJag, and swap groups
can also be unconventional places to scour...

Just do it ahead of the game.

3) Shop Online.

This doesn't always work out, but by quickly
comparison shopping at a few major sites, you
can indeed snag some good deals.

For me, it saves us the time & gas of having
to lug our kids out OR get a sitter.

A few weeks ago I heard about a major
toy warehouse event being held in our area.

Some major deals were going on!

However, I simply searched out their website, found
what I was looking for, and boom-done.

I had to pay shipping, yes, but the time it took me to
buy the gifts (and for SO cheap!), it was worth it
for this busy mom.

Always remember that time is really like money....
you only have a limited amount of it, and it can
usually be used on better things than spending oodles of it
shopping for the holidays.

4) Consider Combining Gifts

If you're buying for a family with children, consider
something that the whole family can use (and save yourself
some money in the process!)

What about a fun movie & popcorn snack pack?
What about a pass to the local recreation center or children's museum?
What about a gift card to put towards something the family is saving for?

Consider combining couples (depending on their relationship of course),
or groups of people that could mutually benefit
(i.e. like covering the coffee run one morn for your co-workers)

5) Check Out Less Popular Shopping Venues

Thrift shops often (surprisingly!) have new items stocking their shelves
for much less.

Holiday "bazaars" (depending on vendors/locations) are known for their
fantastic bargains.

Liquidation shops have been my FAV go-to for many a year when I could
get out more easily. You'd be surprised what you find there!

Swap or online purchasing groups.

Sometimes simply stating what you're looking for on Facebook
can solicit PMs with people willing
to part with new stuff they never ended up using.

PLUS, many times people will mention affordable shops off the
beaten path...


Question on the blog: 
what is your number one
money saving time at Christmas?



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