Friday, February 3, 2017

Learning To Let Go!

I heard him wake before all the rest of us.

Having a mother heart that knows her son,
I knew that this was his way of dealing with the
"raw nerves" of a first day at a new school...

A new high school that is.

School work is definitely NOT his passion.
His infactuation has always been with music instead.

In his former school, our son was finding
it increasingly difficult to keep up academically.
That particular learning style was not his forte.

Eventually, after much prayer & discussion
of the pros/cons, we conceded to his new school choice.

He is full of anticipation, and hopeful that
he will finally be able to catch up.

I am learning more & more to be okay with this 
huge deviation from my original "plan" for his life.

And joining in his excitement that positive
changes will come in this new season.


The phone call came late one evening, and 
startled this often less-than-calm Mama's heart...

He did what at the trampoline park??!

Over to the Emergency Dept. we raced.

The wait was long, but
the nurses were kind.

It was broken!

Majorly..not a clean break either..
Surgery was completed a few days later.

Screws, plates, and who knows what else has been placed
inside his once strong & VERY active ankle...

To be honest, we've been grieving...

The loss of activity.

The loss of many dreams (he wanted to be in the military).

The stress of having to find new ways to 
keep this young & busy lad productive
while keeping his leg very challenging!

But NEW & bigger dreams have been brewing in this 
young man's heart, and this Mama is learning
to dream alongside him.


She ran inside from a shopping venture with a
family friend.

New clothes and accessories in hand.
She excitedly tried them all on & danced around
the living room...

She most closely resembled a runway model.

My heart leapt up into my throat...

When did my little one develop into a blossoming beautiful preteen?!

The other eve, hubby & I had a heart to heart.

He mentioned his "shock" at how grown up she's been
looking these days...

The kind of grown up that makes you want
to purchase a huge roll of bubble wrap.

It's hard when your "baby" girl starts to come of age...


I've come to the realization that
ALL of our children are fast growing up.

It's even harder for me to believe that we now have seven
children that span in age from 16 years-old all the way down to newborn...


Each one of them came into the world as wee
tiny babes that I held tenderly in my arms.

I, filled with high hopes, and much ambition
to be the very very best mommy EVER, 
stared into their precious eyes filled
with grand illusions of:

-perfect parenting whimsical moments

-Mary Poppins type memories to be made 

-beautiful smiles of gratitude never leaving their faces

-lovely hand-in-hand strolls down Gingerbread lane
(complete with limitless minding their p's & q's)


I've come to a much more practical realism
in my parenting expectations. 

Now, I'm filled with faith that God 
will give me the wisdom I need.

 As well, I've surrounded myself with a
 healthy community of "encouragers"
linked arm-in-arm around me, as 
we walk this "parenting" adventure out.

I am seeking
to daily fulfill the difficult goal
 of "letting go" of my

Letting go of them to the future.

To their future.


It isn't easy, folks.
It isn't even always pretty.

This tug of war between my fears
and my faith.

On many days, I'm a "hot-mess" Mama, who's exasperated,
needs therapy, her fav joggers, and
a piece of chocolate for good measure ;)

Seriously, who's kidding?
I'll take the whole entire bar!

On other days (better ones!), I'm reminded
that HE holds the future, and I don't need to worry,
but instead I can pray.

I can have hope.

I can invest.

And I can know...

That I'm not perfect, and neither are ANY of my
children, but we don't need to be..

We can take this journey one small (teeny tiny) step at a
time, looking forward to a bright future, rooted in Him.


A Prayer For Your Child

I continue to pray for my child,
that You Lord will give them complete
knowledge of Your perfect will 
for their lives.

In every area Lord, please direct them.
Give us wisdom as we make decisions
pertaining to their future (James 1:5).

Please give them Your understanding
& allow Your spiritual wisdom to guide them
in all things Lord.

Let their lives honour & please You, Lord
in everything they do.

Let them continue to know You better,
and produce good fruit.

As they grow up in You, I know
they will stumble Lord.

Help them to walk in repentance,
and to ask You forgiveness whenever
they need to.

And to forgive those who hurt them, Lord.
And to forgive themselves Lord, when needed.

Let them have Your endurance,
and strength to persevere,
especially in the difficult seasons of life.

May they have Your patience in all seasons,
as well as Your joy in good times & bad.

Let them have thankful hearts.

Let them accept Your Son's sacrifice for them
as a free gift Lord, and walk in that inheritance
as a child of God.

Let them have an ever deepening 
relationship with You Lord.

Let them know their future is in Your hands.
 It's eternal. Let them live with an 
eternal focus.

Let them live in pure freedom, self-control
and delivered from all forms of darkness.

Lead us & guide us Lord as
we parent these precious children
that You have blessed us with.


Suggestions of areas to cover in prayer:
(particularly as they "grow up")


-Christ-like friendships

-job opportunities

-the right mentors

-their youth group/children's ministry

-family life

-sibling relationships

-hedge of protection over them

-healing & health

-peace in their minds

-inner healing (emotional health)

-letting go of the past

-forgiving those who have hurt them

-freedom from destructive habits

-financial provision

-learning to serve

-hard work ethic

-future spouse

-future ministry(ies)

-knowing they are loved & valuable


I also find it particularly valuable to
pray for myself as well.

As a mother of seven, my plate is full
all. the. time.

Each & every single day.

The days I humble myself and
ask for His grace to parent, are the 
days I can (often) tangibly 
sense His grace & presence throughout
the day.

His grace is there even when I don't pray
or deserve it...but there is a difference
when I come to Him and ask.


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us... It is very helpful to see that we mamas are going through the same things and leaning in the same Arms for help... Thank you also for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  2. Always encouraging and realistic. Very enjoyable reads. Thank you for your insight and your advice/suggestions. Thank you for encouraging us not to give up. Sometimes that's just the easy way out. Thank you.



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